Some of our designs from 2014-2015

Ideas, Concepts, Illustrations, UX and UI Designs, Infographics

Designs of various projects: infographic and workflow diagrams, applications, UX/UI designs.
We made a concept design for a Do-It-Yourself Home Decorating and Renovation Application for Women and Time Tracking and Project Management: The purpose of this application is to make various calculations (time spent, resources) easy that are relevant to project management. The program is designed for companies that organize their work in Projects. The frontend was designed to give an easy overview of all the functionalities of the system.
We designed and developed a Water Demand Calculator Application, Wacaca which is designed to calculate the water demand of a specific agriculturally exploited area. Targeted at agricultural experts, entrepreneurs, producers, engineers, educators and students. The visual concept was to create a functional yet comfortable to use application. It based on a research of Szent István University – Faculty of Agriculture in 2014.

Project Specifics

• 2014-2015
• Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, App design, Illustration and Concepts